Tee Shirt Anyone?

Many of you have expressed interest in getting a custom designed, limited edition Pickleball Franklin tee shirt. We have designed, sourced and priced such a shirt and it is now available to order by clicking here. Shirts are available in men’s and women’s styles in three colors. Order by February 21st for pickup in early March. 

Tennessee Sr. Olympics State Finals

State Finals Dates 2020
Come join us and feel younger, stronger, in better shape, and experience the true joy of competing against those in your own age group. No matter your skill level, you will find a culture of encouragement amongst all athletes. 
Golf: June 15th and 16th, Fairfield Glade
State Finals: June 19-25, Williamson County (all sports except golf and pickleball)
Pickleball: August 7-9, Chattanooga Convention Center
Deadlines:Early Bird: April 8 (save $10)Final: May 6
The 2020 events listed above will be qualifiers for the 2021 Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Visit www.nsga.com for more information.
Please click this link to check the schedule for each sport:  http://www.tnseniorolympics.com/sports-information

Some dates and venues are tentative.Battle Ground Academy is currently under construction and will be unavailable for our use. We have been seeking an alternative since last fall and still await confirmation. However, we realize that many of you are eager to set dates in your calendar and wanted to get information out. Please continue to open and read all communication from us for updates.
Online Registration will open around March 1. 
Since 90% of athletes register online, entry forms will be mailed only to those who place a request. 

A detailed registration e-mail blast will be sent to all once online registration has been launched. In addition, a postcard will be mailed to all 2019 district participants with information.

To request a mailed entry form, complete one of the following by March 6:
Click HERE and fill out the information (seek help from an adult child/grandchild if necessary)Send an e-mail to info@tnseniorolympics.com with your name/address.
Call 615-200-8760 and leave a clear message with name and address.                                                                                                                                
Entry forms will be mailed mid -March as a group so please do not expect it before then.

·      Pickleball: We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting singles, doubles, and mixed doubles pickleball in Chattanooga on August 7-9, 2020. We are extremely excited about this development. Play will occur at the Chattanooga Convention Center with all courts under one roof.  Thanks to the Chattanooga Sports Committee and Chattanooga Youth and Family Development for making this happen.  One of our most popular requests is not to overlap pickleball with other sports. This gives all athletes the chance to play pickleball in August as well as participate in other events in June (for one entry fee).                 
·      Horseshoes. The National Senior Games Association has removed horseshoes from its list of sport offerings. The Tennessee Senior Olympics will follow suit. Along with Nationals, we encourage players to consider corn hole in its place.                    
·      Softball. Women’s softball will be held this year in order to qualify teams for Nationals. Men’s softball will be held if there is enough interest. Captains- please click HERE to be added to an e-mail list to receive additional information and updates. Out-of-state players and teams will be allowed for this one sport. 
ELIGIBILITY- are you eligible for the state finals?
1)     Are you Brand New to the Senior Olympics?Many of you have expressed an interest and have been added to our e-mail list over the past few months. Brand new people to our system may register directly for the state finals.   You must be a resident of TN or live within 30 miles of the state line. So make plans to register!  Perhaps you are ready to jump back into a sport you played when younger or ready to try something new. Perhaps you have fitness or health goals that you have set.  As thousands of our current participants will tell you, “never stop playing”!                     
2)     Are you a Veteran of our System?Welcome Back!Click here to view eligibility requirements. Many of our sports require district participation:http://www.tnseniorolympics.com/registration-eligibility