What’s a Pickleball Ambassador?

Ambassadors are volunteers who have pledged to promote the sport of pickleball and the USAPA in the local area they have applied to represent. They may be individuals or couples, or a group of ambassadors working together as a team. The main prerequisite is a love of the sport and the desire to share our game with others of all ages.

Their responsibilities include:

    • Support the goals of the USAPA, which are to promote and grow our sport with others of all ages.
    • Encourage and support the identification of and development of new Places2Play program.
    • Promote and solicit USAPA memberships.
    • Advise players of important USAPA Board actions, such as rules changes and other information that may affect pickleball play.
    • Maintain and expand “Places2Play” on the USAPA website within the Ambassador’s geographical area.
    • Promote goodwill with other Ambassadors, players, facility representatives, and the general public.
    • Become familiar with, support and abide by the Official Rules of Pickleball.
    • Understand and practice the Code of Conduct.
    • Become familiar with the information and resources on the USAPA website and USAPA mobile app.

Our District is represented by the following Ambassadors:

    • Director of Ambassadors: Claudia Fontana
    • East Assistant Director of Ambassadors: Jones Wong
    • Mid-Atlantic Regional Ambassador Sharon MacKenzie
    • North Central Tennessee District Ambassador David Hart
    • North Central Tennessee Ambassadors Jay Wasack, Rick Leach, Don Stanley, Newton Harris, Lee Midgett, Bill Nelson and John Minetos

League Play Starts Next Week

Three new leagues will be starting in September at Academy Park outdoor courts. The league for 3.0 level players will be on Mondays (waitlist), 3.5 players on Wednesdays (4 openings) and 4.0+ players on Fridays (6 openings). These eight-week leagues will be held on three courts and can accommodate 12 players in each league.

Register on the WCPR website.

Academy Park Indoor Schedule Update

From Krystal: WCPR has found a way to have pickleball covered next Thursday from 9:30-2:30 here at Academy Gym – so it will NOT be closed as previously announced. So please plan to visit and help spread the word because their calendar currently says that pickleball is cancelled.

Academy Park Indoor PB Play

Lots of fun play, and fun players, at Academy Park for indoor pickleball play. Currently 3 days a week (but check WCPR website for most up to date schedule).
– Tuesday: 12:00pm-2:30pm
– Thursday: 9:30am-2:30pm
* (Update: Pickleball NOT cancelled on Thursday, August 29th)
– Friday: 12:00pm-2:30pm

WCPR and Pickleball Franklin

Ken, Gordon, Rick

Recently, Ken Alpren took the initiative to contact WCPR director Gordon Hampton about the over-crowded play at the Franklin Recreation Complex. Gordon was very receptive to working together to identify ways to improve pickleball playing opportunities in Williamson County.

Ken and Rick Leach met with Gordon shortly after and learned about the new outdoor pickleball courts being built at the Indoor Sports Complex and the planned indoor facility expansion there that would include more pickleball courts. Gordon was very familiar with the growth of pickleball and wants to do what he can to increase the playing opportunities. There was talk of building covered tennis/pickleball courts in Franklin – but that is a longer term project. In the meantime, Rick and Ken will be meeting with Kyle Lo Porto and Angie Pitts at the FRC to talk about creative ways to increase play.

Volley For Change Tournament – Knoxville, TN

Play in the FIRST ever Volley For Change Tournament held in Knoxville, TN.

This is a great opportunity to come help support the Harmony Family Center which is a non-profit striving to help children that have faced hardships in their lives.

If you sign up by Sept 2nd, you will get a FREE bag chair to watch this tournament in style.

Please go online and check out this tournament being played on 16 indoor tennis courts; it will be a good way to play and beat that Tennessee heat!!

Pickleball Nashville Labor Day Tournament

The annual Pickleball Nashville tournament is rapidly approaching. Deadline is August 25th and there are already 177 players registered. The tournament will be held Saturday 8/31/19 through Sunday 9/1/19 at the Williamson County Indoor Sports Complex in Brentwood.

Skill and age groupings for men’s and women’s doubles, mixed doubles
For more information and to register click here.